Back in full effect!

Hello everyone, I hope you guys had an amazing christmas and new years. Id like to apologize for our delay of posts. This year we will be moving forward to much bigger and better prospects, we are redesigning the site as well as hosting great interviews, and improving our content. Thank you for taking the … Continue reading

Blogging break and new additions

Hello everyone, over the past few months it has been rather difficult managing being a student and this blog so for the next little I shall be taking a break. Although I’ll be on a break I’ll be on the look out for a new digital SLR camera to enhance the content of the blog. So, you can expect nothing … Continue reading

Spring 2012 Mens fashion Trends: Motorcycle jacket

Spring 2012 Mens fashion Trends: Motorcycle jacket

Wondering what the  fashionable men are wearing this season?Tthere are several different trends going on but I’d have to say my favorite trend is the Motorcycle style “perfecto” jacket.  This jacket is a classic motorcycle jacket that was immortalized by Marlon Brando in the 1953 movie ” The Wild One”. Recently this has been worn … Continue reading