Quote: Lady Gaga

Who creates limits? we do! – lady Gaga


One thought on “Quote: Lady Gaga

  1. I have noticed that I tend to do the same thing with my scoend child, Shemp,(a boy). At first we decided to flick him in the head when he bit (or bit him back so he understood that it hurt others too), or hit his sister or dog. I thought that flicking was the way to go for him because he was so stubborn. He does do all of the bad behavior less and he listens to my words more and will even have a sit out for a short bit (he’s only 18 months) without getting up till I see he’s settled down. But sometimes I have found myself reacting with my emotions when he does hit, by smacking his hand and saying don’t hit then I feel like a bad parent and want to hit myself. I guess what I’m saying is that you are not alone in the learning. I will say that my daughter learned how to behave much faster then my son did, perhaps its the rough boy thing. Our kids have different personalities so what works for one might not work for the other, so trying new and different discipline tactics are called for, because we all learn differently. We will all get better at it as long as we are trying to improve our parenting skills. Inga

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