RightShoe Review – Banana Republic: Wingtip boots

DSC_1074Welcome to the new shoe section, I’ll be doing both shoe reviews and shoelust showing possible shoe buys you guys would like to own.

The way I like to do footwear reviews aren’t the typical way, Instead of just buying a pair of shoes, reviewing it and either keeping it or returning it. I prefer to wear the boot for a few months to get a proper feel of the shoe in all aspects.

When it comes to these wingtip boots, they are quite the shoe, the look and silhouette of the shoe were admired by all when I first purchased them. When I walked into Hugo Boss the sales associates were all inquiring to know where I got them from. Now when it comes to the durability it is a different story.Durability is one of the of the most important aspects when it comes to buying a shoe, boot or any footwear. The Shoes Retail for CAD $168.00 when it comes to the price for durability I would say the shoes Fall a little short of wear it could be. I would rank the leather 8/10 without it being properly taken care of though. With the proper treatment of cleaning and buffing and shining the leather I would rank it at a 9. Overall for the price, this is an excellent shoe.

I also realized something that not only Banana Republic does with high top boots. A great deal of companies will use the fine dress shoe laces usually worn in brogues for the boots, depending on the frequency of use this could be a problem because the laces might not be strong enough for the boot  cause it to deteriorate after very frequent  use.

I hope this helped you, thank you for reading



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