Rightstyle : 21 things Women never want men to wear

When it comes to buying clothes the woman is usually the one that purchases clothes for the family. Currently in this sad state of female takeover even when it comes to  men’s suits women are the head honchos in the buying decision. When I am assisting men in buying a suit I would often joke and ask, “what does the boss think?” I would always get one of two responses, first a light chuckle, then either he would say she’s coming or standing right beside him and she would then give her opinion. So I decided to interview a large group of fashion students to get their opinion on what they absolutely hate seeing men wear. To avoid bias I asked women of different age and social groups.

What do you think about the list?

thanks for reading



One thought on “Rightstyle : 21 things Women never want men to wear

  1. I agree with almost all.
    In my opinion, sneakers should NEVER be worn with a suit…EVER. It doesn’t matter who you are, it just looks juvenile and half-arsed.

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